11 Pinterest Pins Worth Trying

I’m Addicted to Pinterest… and I’m on a Mission to Empty My Collection | Positively Smitten

Is Pinterest considered online hoarding?

…Probably, yes, and I’m completely obsessed.  If you’ve never used Pinterest, it’s a social media-esque platform that allows you to pin literally anything from the internet (with an image or video) to a set of “boards.” Think of collaging — cutting things out from a magazine, for example, and gluing them onto an inspiration board for fashion or cooking ideas — only this is virtual.

And insanely addicting.

I like to think Pinterest helps me stay organized and, in a way, it does. I don’t really need to bookmark things anymore, and I have an easy and visual way to keep things I like on the internet all in one place. I have a dinner recipes board, a craft board, a home decor board, and even a board for my potential (?) future (?) children (?).

But Pinterest is also an excuse for me to look at pretty pictures and accumulate “things” — recipes I’ll probably never try, outfits I’ll never wear, gifts I’ll never make, and DIY projects I’ll never think to create. My intentions are good. I mean well when I’m pinning! I really think I will try/wear/make/create those things… if only I wasn’t so busy pinning new things to try/wear/make/create. So I’ve made a resolution: now that I’ve finished my 25 to life series, I will actually do some of these pins in a new column. I will become the next Martha Stewart! (Sort of.)

Most of the pins I’d like to do are DIY/organization-related because I love crafting and keeping things organized. Still, I don’t quite know if I’ll accomplish all of these pins, nor do I know if half of them will even work (or at least come out the way I hope they will) but I’ve got to try. My boards are getting out of control. Here are a few I hope to tackle over the next few months:

I know. It’s a lot. I have big ambitions, okay? Mostly, if I document my efforts here, then at least I’ve got something to keep me on track — right?

In the meantime, here are a few pins I have actually tried that I’ve loved. (Note: links will take you to the pin on Pinterest, however all photos are clickable. Click the photo and it will take you to the original source, which usually has detailed instructions/photos.)


Baked chocolate chip pancakes -- so good!

Baked chocolate chip pancakes — so good!

Baked Pancakes: Sounds totally crazy, right? But trust me when I say they are so delicious you may never consider going back to regular pancakes. One problem my boyfriend and I had with making and flipping pancakes is that you can’t eat them together, not really anyway, unless someone wants cold pancakes. Plus, if your first pancake flip goes anything like mine, it may or may not end up on the floor. This solves all of that, while achieving the perfect amount of fluffiness in the center and a pristine, crispy crust. I love it. We add chocolate chips to the batter, but blueberries (or plain) work great, too! When they come out of the oven, add butter and syrup as usual. Yum.

Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies: A cookie within a cookie? Um, yes please. These were chocolate cookies, with chocolate chips and crushes pieces of mint Oreos inside of it. It. Was. Awesome. I actually gave a couple of these to a co-worker who let me borrow one of his DVDs as repayment and he loooved them. I couldn’t find mint chocolate chips so I went without them, and they were still delicious. I’d make ’em again, for sure.

“The Canadian” Pizza Grilled Cheese: I love pizza. You love pizza. We all love pizza because pizza is the literal best. This is a twist on pizza in the shape of a “grown up” grilled cheese and it’s amazing! I merely took inspiration from this pin and I’ve come to make my own pizza paninis, which I think are super delicious. My go-to ingredients are sourdough bread, butter, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms (cooked and seasoned with oregano and garlic powder), and pepperoni. But the original pin is also to-die-for.

Banana Ice Cream: To counter some of the more decadent pins I’ve made, I also like to look for healthy (or healthier) foods. This banana ice cream totally does the trick! It’s literally bananas, sliced and frozen, and then chopped up in a food processor or blender until creamy. The result is a creamy mixture that tastes like banana ice cream. I added some cocoa powder to mine, and I’ve tried a bit of peanut butter with it. Super yummy, and much healthier than ice cream.

Banana S’mores: As much as I wish I could subsist on super-healthy snacks like ice cream literally made from bananas, I need chocolate. I loooove s’mores, so this is kind of a fun snack! Slice a banana in half, fill with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows, wrap in tin foil and either bake in the oven (as I did) or roast over a campfire for a banana “s’more.”


Giant Canvas Photos: I was a little skeptical when I first read about this pin, which claims you can go to any Staples, order “engineer prints” of a photo, and pay a little less than $2 per print — even though the photos are 18″ x 24″. But it worked! I ordered four prints of my grandparents’ wedding photo as a Mother’s Day gift for the moms in my life and spent around $7, total. The photos come out pretty great, especially considering the cost! The downside? Photos must be black and white. The upside? The photo I needed printed was already black and white, so it didn’t matter. There are plenty of tutorials out there about how to turn the photo into a “canvas” print, but I have yet to try that. Instead, I bought a nice, big frame and it looked great. I loved it.



Reinbeers: When I participated in a Secret Santa last year and drew the name of one of my co-workers, I knew immediately what I wanted to get her: beer. But I didn’t want to just get her some beer and hand it over, though I think she’d probably have been fine with that. I wanted the beers to be… I don’t know, cute? I stumbled across this pin for “reinbeers” and was sold. Using pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and red gemstones (all of which I was able to nab from a local craft store), I got to work transforming each beer bottle into a “reinbeer.” Slightly cheesy, sure, but everyone seemed to get a kick out of them and it showed I didn’t just run out last minute and grab some beers. I opted to use gems instead of pom-poms for the noses, mostly because I couldn’t find enough red pom-poms, and I put the faces on the top rather than the side as I ran into trouble getting the “faces” to stay on the side of the bottles. If I did it over again, I’d use a hot glue gun rather than just Elmer’s glue.

Cookies in a Jar: If you have a big family, it’s challenging to figure out what to buy for everyone when Christmas rolls around. I spend so much time racking my brain trying to come up with appropriate gifts… only to usually end up with something I feel just okay about giving them. Last year, Bill and I assembled “cookies in a jar” for everyone — and they seemed to be a hit! Jumping on the mason jar bandwagon, we filled the mason jars with the dry ingredients to make cookies. Then we (okay, Bill) designed a personalized tag to go with each jar. The outside was Christmas-themed, and the inside had the directions for baking the cookies. We also gave more personalized gifts (framed photos from each person’s childhood) and this was an awesome, fun component to go with an otherwise sentimental gift.


Dos and Don’t of Dollar Store Shopping: I’m obsessed with the dollar store. Around here, it’s known as the Dollar Tree, and I have no shame in admitting I get a ton of stuff here. Some items, of course, are more reliable than others. This blog series covers several parts about what is worth it to purchase at the dollar store and what isn’t. While I think you need to decide for yourself what’s “worth it,” this is an excellent starter guide!

Triangle Nails: Nail art is one of my favorite things to look at and to attempt to do… but I absolutely suck at it. Seriously, I’m really rotten at doing my nails, but I was thrilled to learn there are some easy ways to make you nail art slightly easier. Scotch Tape Nails! Use them to make triangles (like the original pin) or stripes. Really, whatever you want. It’s fun and it’s easy! Caution: make sure your nails are completely dry before you apply the scotch tape, otherwise when you go to remove the tape it will rip your nail polish right off with it. I like to make it less “sticky” by sticking the piece of tape on a few things beforehand — the back of my hand, on my desk, etc. Also use your best (and strongest) nail polish for the base coat(s). That will hold best!

Heart nails are super cute, but subtle

Heart nails are super cute, but subtle

Heart Nails: Is there anything cuter than having a heart accent on your nails?! Accent nails are huge now, and this was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day-inspired nail idea, but I love it so much I do it year-round.

So what pins have worked for you? Let’s pretend I don’t already have a bajillion pins to try — any recommendations? Or can you debunk some of the ones I have on my “to do” list? Let me know! And please tell me I’m not the only one totally addicted to Pinterest. Even if it’s a lie.

Positively Smitten is on Pinterest, and I am, too! Let us know your username and we’ll follow you. 


4 responses to “11 Pinterest Pins Worth Trying

  1. Yay ideas! Pinterest was literally too much effort for me to try and organize so I never got really into it, but I will look at other peoples boards from searching on google for something. And now I am totally going to look at each of these things, I will have a lot more on my to-do list later.


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