Advice from Amy: When In a Wondrous Whirlwind…

Advice from Amy: When In a Wondrous Whirlwind... | Positively SmittenThere is no doubt that our fundraising concert was a success. Guests were greeted at the door with a glass of Prosecco, the rock stars gushed with gratitude and warmth, and all of us together created a lively noise for our neighborhood. But the true success, as I’ve measured it, is in the money and awareness we raised for the Looking Out Foundation.

Thanks to the advice of my 90-year-old Grandma Rose, I took time to absorb the wonder of it all while the event was happening. “Take time to listen to the birds,” she instructed me, as far back as my memory goes. In each moment of life, there is magic that happens only in the moment. Often, when things around us get to be so busy, as is the case with most moments in life these days, we can lose sight of the true beauty of happenings.

Such was the case during the planning of this event. My wife and I scurried around, forgot to eat, and barely slept. It was the same in the weeks leading up to our wedding and in the month before we uprooted our lives and moved to London; however, in all cases, when the storm cleared, there was a calm that came over us. Knowing that the preparation was complete allowed us to really live the moment. We could take in the smiles, feel the fun, revel in the delight. We could, indeed, listen to the birds… and their songs.

Brandi, sweet and soulful as she sang, played a set list that included her latest hit, ‘That Wasn’t Me.’ She concluded the various versus with a question that asks ‘Do I make myself a blessing to everyone I meet?’

I listened. My wife listened. Our friends listened, to their sweet as a songbird query. We heard the words because we were living the moment. We felt them because of the supreme talent of Brandi Carlile and the Twins. And we walked away wondering if we are, or could be, a blessing to every person with whom we cross paths.

This is our higher call to action, simply stated. Taking it one step further, I believe we are meant to join forces with those who will help us be a blessing to others on the path of life. To all of those who, like my wife, invite the gardener to dinner to sit alongside the CEO of a major investment firm, I bow to you. And to those who, like Brandi and the Twins, use their voices to sing in a symphony of service to others, I stand humbled. This is living the trajectory. This is making yourself a blessing. This is listening to the birds, the people, the pain, and allowing yourself to be moved by their song.

So this week, dear readers, I unabashedly encourage you to find, amongst the wondrous whirlwind that is your own life, a way to be a blessing to someone else. When asked for a quarter by the guy you see sitting on the street, look him in the eye and find a dollar in your pocket. Make an extra sandwich and give it to someone who is hungry. Donate your used clothing, or your time, to a shelter. Do something nice for someone who will never know and never be able to thank you.


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