‘If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say’…Why Mean Girl Behavior Needs to Stop

'If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say'…Why Mean Girl Behavior Needs to Stop

Over the past few weeks, there have been explosive articles about the mean girl syndrome. There were incidences where women decided to degrade other women through email or blogging. The first incident occurred when a sorority sister chose to write a profanity-laden email to her sorority sisters about how they are being “weird” and “stupid.” You can read the whole email here. The email was forwarded to Gawker and immediately went viral. The second incident happened when a sports blogger, who works for CNN Houston, wrote an article about an Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader being “too chunky.” The original article has since been removed from the website.

I don’t understand why women decide it’s alright to barrage each other with negative remarks without thinking there will be consequences to what they say. Does this mean girl syndrome start on the playground when some didn’t know any better (or they probably did) than to gang up on one girl just because she was different or didn’t fit in with their group of friends? Why have some chosen to keep such a negative trait past their childhood years? Whatever the reason, this behavior needs to stop.

Words can hurt, heal, discourage or even encourage others. It’s always a good idea to think twice before letting hurtful words slip out of your mouth. It’s even better to think three times if you’re going to put hurtful words on paper for the entire world to see. Once words slip between your lips or from the tip of your pen, you cannot take them back. Have so called mean girls not realized this yet or have they just not felt any backlash until recently?

Why did it have to come to the point where the public had to get involved with standing up against these bullies? Why did it take the sorority sister losing her position within her organization and the journalist needing to have all of her articles removed from CNN Houston? Maybe we’re tired of mean girls being held in such high regard by others without knowing who they truly are. Maybe we’re tired of hearing countless reports of school age kids committing suicide after they were physically, verbally or cyber-bullied by others.

Girls, let alone grown women, should know that if they don’t have anything nice to say then they shouldn’t say anything at all. This is a great rule to live by because words are one of the most powerful things we all have. Underestimating this power can lead to feelings of rejection, isolation, pain, or worse.

The next time a mean girl decides to make herself feel better or needs attention by putting someone else down, she should realize that there are more women who’d rather stand up for the bullied than to become a bully. She must also reflect on how she’d feel if those words were directed toward herself, sister, best friend or even her mother.


3 responses to “‘If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say’…Why Mean Girl Behavior Needs to Stop

  1. I completely do not understand the “mean girl” mentality. Women have enough obstacles in life, both socially, psychologically and otherwise without piling on this hurtful garbage from other women.


  2. Doesn’t anybody have “empathy” anymore? The capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another person. It baffles me how girls can be so mean if for a moment they put themselves (or a loved one) in their shoes. How can we reverse this mean girl quality in so many young girls? An article like this is a great place to start!


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