What Are You Positively Smitten With This Week?



I’m positively smitten with homecooked meals! My grandpa, who has been very ill for the last few weeks, hasn’t been eating. Today, his niece sent over a huge pot of pasta e fagioli, just like my grandpa’s mom (Gram Gram to me) used to make — and he ate it all up! We are all so happy he’s getting the nourishment he needs, and she even sent some over for the rest of us as we take care of Grandpa. She made it with love, and I’m sure it reminded my grandpa of his mom. It was such a sweet (and totally delicious) gesture!


I’m positively smitten with finishing something sooner than necessary. I’m a procrastinator and am usually scrambling to finish things minutes before they are due, but whenever I finish something with plenty of time to spare, it’s such a relief! Reminder to self: get stuff done earlier!


I’m positively smitten with my dog, Jake. When I moved to Massachusetts seven weeks ago, he stayed back home in Connecticut with my parents. To say I miss him is a huge understatement. There’s nothing like my dog’s love, expressed by a wagging tail, excited leaps and the “happy face” he makes. I’m so grateful for the warm and fuzzies he leaves me with, and it truly does help keep a smile on my face, even when distance separates us.

What are you grateful for this week? We want to hear from you! Share with us in the comment section below.


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