Three Lifelong Friends Every Woman Needs

Three Lifelong Friends Every Woman Needs | Positively Smitten

Imagine you are a kid again. You’re on the playground with friends and minding your own business when a bully walks up and pushes you down. You start crying. Immediately, one friend confronts the bully, another kneels down to see if you’re ok, and another runs to find a teacher. You may have not known it then, but these three girls will be your best friends for life.

You may be wondering why these three girls will be your lifelong friends and why you need them in your life. Let me explain a little more about each one and then you’ll understand.

The Heavy Weight Contender

It may seem a little harsh to call a woman a heavy weight contender, but this is nothing bad at all. The contender is the one who will always stick up for you no matter what. She will defend you against others. She will go to bat for you when someone makes a negative remark about you.

Even though she may defend you against others, she will always be honest with you and tell you when you’re making a mistake or if you’ve messed up and need to correct yourself. She is not a bully in any manner, but always tells you how she feels and is very blunt about it. If you want the honest truth about something and you need a straight answer, no-holds-barred, then she is the friend to talk to.

The Consoler

All women need a friend who is a consoler. I don’t mean someone who is going to baby you through everything. I mean someone you can talk to after you’ve had the worst day of your life. She is a great listener and offers advice only when asked. She knows exactly what to say to make you feel better and she always offers a shoulder to cry on.

She may seem like a little softy, but truth be told, she is your rock. There is no one else who will sit and listen to you cry about your off and on relationship with your boyfriend of three years. She will not speak negatively about your relationship, but will help you evaluate whether he is really the right person for you. She helps you evaluate other aspects of your life, such as making the right career move, spending $500 on a pair of shoes, and moving into a one bedroom apartment with five roommates.

The Guider

Having a friend who does everything right is always great to have. The Guider will keep you out of trouble and will always look out for your best interests. She knows how to handle situations on her own, but is not afraid to seek help when needed. She will guide you to do the right thing and will stop you from making some of the worst mistakes of your life.

If you ever need information, then she is the one to go to. She uses every resource possible to solve problems and to help others.  Her resourcefulness comes in handy when networking for jobs, researching the best colleges to attend, and even finding bargains.


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