Springtime Staples in Makeup, Fashion, and Beauty

Springtime Staples in Makeup, Fashion, and Beauty | Positively Smitten

With the changing season it’s a good idea to evaluate what’s in your closet and makeup cache. Of course your wardrobe changes for the spring to fit the warmer weather, but it can be fun to switch up your makeup to fit the warmer weather, too.  Your skin hue usually gets warmer in the spring, so it’s a good idea to have a different palette for spring and summer.

Everyone always talks about having the correct staples in your wardrobe, so here’s your staple list for the spring spanning makeup, wardrobe, and personal care.

Foundation with sunscreen.  For the past few seasons BB cream has been all the rage, and it also covers both foundation and sunscreen, generally. As I am a bargain shopper, I use Cover Girl brand that I got for about $6. It doesn’t matter which route you go, so long as it’s something that works to moisturize you and protect you from the sun.

Layering Tanks. As the weather begins getting warmer, we lose one of my favorite things about the winter: the ability to layer. However, investing in a number of different tanks that you can put under whatever you’re wearing and still be cool in is a must! My personal favorites for this are the Perfect Tanks from Old Navy. (They come in a ton of colors, too.)

Light-weight Cardigan. Spring weather turns on a whim so it’s a good idea to have a nice button up but light weight sweater on you.

White Nail Polish. I know it sounds odd, but white polish underneath any color will brighten it up and bonus: you will probably only need one layer of the color over the white. Try white under any neon or pastel colors.

Wipe Out Deodorant Erasers. Warmer weather will show more arm and underarm and you might haphazardly get deodorant around the sleeves or at the bottom of your shirt; remove it with these handy dandy erasers! (Try Amazon.com to scour prices.)

Cream Blush. Help the sun-kissed look along by using some cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. Blush is one of the most underutilized makeup products and it can really brighten all of your facial features and highlight your cheekbones. I use Revlon Cream Blush and love it.

Dry Shampoo. People seem to be a bit hesitant when it comes to dry shampoo but my hair suffers when I wash it every day. While my skin is adjusting to the spring, my scalp tends to get oilier than normal. I spritz it with a bit of dry shampoo and work my fingers through it to re-energize my tresses. Try it!

Small Cross-body Bag. It’s not the time to be weighed down with a large purse. Pick a cute color (this seasons color is teal—which incidentally was my wedding color in July, not saying, but also just saying I probably started the trend) and go with it. Limit yourself to enough space for your cards (credit, debit, id), some cash, makeup essentials, and your sunglasses.

Facial Towelettes. After a day out, remember to cleanse your skin. I use the “Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh” towelettes, which have vitamin C and fruit acids. They’re great for removing make-up.

Any Pocket Anti-Bacterial Gels. This is pretty self-explanatory, but remember to protect yourself from germs when you’re out and about in spring.

You always look fabulous, of course, but now you can enjoy the sunshine with these staples that can up your confidence and keep you feeling fresh!


6 responses to “Springtime Staples in Makeup, Fashion, and Beauty

  1. I feel really awesome because I totally have a teal cross-body bag that I just bought two weeks ago. I can’t wait to swap purses and use it! Also, I’m buying white nail polish this weekend so I can try it out. Awesome tips!


  2. Oooo! I love your blog! This post is perfect, ha. Does dry shampoo really work to keep your hair less oily? I’m afraid to use it because my hair IS oily and I’m not sure how to work with it on days when I haven’t washed my hair.


    • I use the Suave Keratin Therapy Smooth line and they have a dry shampoo in the line, the smell is on the stronger side but if you spray about 6-10 inches from the hair and run your fingers through/comb your hair it does work. If you spray it too close it is powdery so you have to work more to comb it through.
      But it definitely works for me so I don’t have to shampoo every day especially in summer when my hair gets more oily. I just lift small sections and spray a little at a time!


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