I’m in Love With a Country Boy: How to Tell if You Are, Too

I’m in Love With a Country Boy: How to Tell if You Are, Too | Positively Smitten

If you asked me 10 years ago if I would end up in love with a country boy, I would have asked you what could be so different about a country boy from anybody else (a typical answer from a girl who doesn’t quite know what being a country girlfriend is all about). But alas, here I am in a six-year relationship with one, and now I am an expert on deciphering a country boy from everything else. 

Being in a relationship with Chris is adventurous (think off-roading in trucks and four-wheelers), dirty (think planting a 20,000-square-foot corn field), oddly romantic (think hunting under a full moon), hard work (think manning a saw mill all day), thrilling (think Saturday afternoons at gun ranges), not typical (think listening to Merle Haggard) and drama-free (think fishing on a river bed at dawn).

If you can’t relate to anything I just mentioned, or if you don’t know who Merle Haggard is, your special someone is probably in a different classification. (Perhaps you’re in love with a hipster, like Crystal?) But if a thing or two sounded familiar, stay with me. 

No, I didn’t think I’d end up with a country boy, but he and his country life are perfect for me. I’m in love with a country boy. Here’s how to know if you are, too. (Keep track of your answers and find out at the bottom!)

Scenario 1: You love spending time in nature together (except you call it going on a hike when it’s really just a walk in the woods). What could possibly be so exciting about this activity for him?

a. Hearing the sounds of various animals and stumbling upon animal tracks and yes, even animal scat. He’ll get down on his knees to see if it was a coyote or bobcat that came through these parts. (3 points)

b. Scouting the best places he’ll return to next time with his bow and arrow. (2 points)

c. Unplugging from technology and smelling the sweet, fresh air. It reminds him of his childhood when he spent most of his days outdoors. (1 point)

Scenario 2: It’s time for dinner. Enough said. Are you more likely to:

a. Go to his mama’s house for a large meal with the whole family together? (2 points)

b. Make an appearance at the local bar where you can fill up on a burger and beer and catch up with friends? (1 point)

c. Open up the freezer and lay out all the options… cook up the venison he harvested last fall, or the beef from his parents’ farm, or the shrimp he caught in Florida and lugged back up the coast? (3 points)

Scenario 3: Somehow you find yourselves stranded on an island. His desert island must-have is:

a. Camouflage for survival from the wild animals you’re sure to encounter. (1 point)

b. Nothing. He’s confident he can survive with a few twigs found on the island, make weapons out of natural materials and determine which trees are best for shelter. (3 points)

c. A pocket knife. (2 points)

Now tally up your points! If you got…

3-5 points: Your partner probably enjoys the outdoors a lot, but so do many people. That’s not enough to be called a country boy through and through. 

6-8 points: Country music is popular these days. And it’s trendy to wear camouflage hats and Carhartt coats. He’s jumped on those bandwagons. But he’s also shot a gun before and could drive a John Deere if needed. Chances are he’s got a little country in him!

9 points: He needs to eat, sleep, and breath the country way of life to survive on this earth, so he is 100 percent a country boy. In other words, he doesn’t own just one gun, he owns…too many. He has different camo for the different seasons. And his idea of exercise is chopping wood. His anthem is Barbara Mandrell’s song “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool.” Yep, that’s your guy! A country boy, even when country goes out of style.


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