Rub-A-Dub-Dub, De-Stress in the Tub: How to Have a Relaxing Bubble Bath

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, De-Stress in the Tub: How to Have a Relaxing Bubble Bath | Positively Smitten

To me, there is nothing on this Earth as soothing, comforting, stress-relieving, calming – even re-energizing – as a hot bubble bath. My love for pampering at the spa, but my low budget for such indulgences, means I have created my own weekly ritual of tub time. That’s right…baths aren’t just for babies!

Every day of the week, I look forward to Thursday night. No, I actually crave Thursday night and my at-home spa. Having me-time to look forward to in such a healthy, mind-clearing way, helps ease stress throughout the week. It seriously does. A day that leaves me feeling harried and with too much on my mind can be slowed and dissolved by just thinking about the way I feel when I slip into the bath. I feel like suddenly I have the answer to all the world’s problems – well, at least my own. I feel full of ideas, so full that I need a pen and notebook handy. I feel beautiful, calm. It’s a date I set with myself. I usually reserve the occasion for one day a week because, well, there are emails to check, dinners to make and posts to write.

When bath day comes, sometimes I jump in for 20 minutes, other times I lose track of the hour that goes by. Sometimes I listen to soft music, sometimes nothing but my thoughts that needed sorting out. Sometimes I want to be refreshed – nothing that a little squeeze of a real lemon in the bath and a sip of ice water in a tall class can’t accomplish. Sometimes I want to slow… way… down, where lavender and a glass of wine, or tea, will do. It all depends on my mood.

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, De-Stress in the Tub: How to Have a Relaxing Bubble Bath | Positively Smitten

Making time for a weekly soak is one part of my life that actually isn’t rigid and structured – it just happens. But there are some items that I think are necessities, though there are many things that can make a simple home bath feel luxurious. Rule of thumb: it’s all about setting the scene and pleasing all the senses.

Bath must-haves
Bubble Bath
Body scrub
Dim lights
A special beverage of choice

Optional bath stuff
Bath salts
Face mask
Essential oil
An inspirational book
Natural smelly things: flowers (yes, I drop flower petals in the bubbles – it looks gorgeous and makes me smile), lavender (this smells wonderful, but when you drain the tub, the tiny specs of lavender look like bugs stuck to the porcelain), lemon squirts or cucumber pieces (because they smell good and that’s what we put in the fancy water at the spa, so why not lay in a big glass of warm fruity water for our body to drink up?)

The hard part is getting out. I think humans are wired to enjoy the feeling of soaking in a hot bowl of water. Maybe it reminds us of the months we spent incubating inside our mothers. But unlike the very startling feeling of being birthed into this world, upon getting out of the bath, you feel rejuvenated and calm. Your body glows, feels like a layer has been lifted and you can feel energy flowing head to toe. The best part is, it’s a treat you allow yourself. It is, or at least should be, about feeling good about yourself, about relaxing and treating yourself; unwinding from your crazy busy life. It’s 100 percent healthy, and it’s total bliss.

How do you de-stress and pamper yourself?


3 responses to “Rub-A-Dub-Dub, De-Stress in the Tub: How to Have a Relaxing Bubble Bath

    • Bath balms are great! I love the way they fizz. This reminds me, one time I put too much peppermint oil in the tub, and the cooling effect of the peppermint made me feel like I was literally sitting in a bath of ice water — unpleasant! Caution: a little peppermint oil goes a long way!


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