StephStephanie (Wilcox) Monette


Stephanie is a wannabe Renaissance woman. Super curious and easily-inspired, she’s continually lost in a feeling of being old enough to realize life is going by too fast to get everything done but young enough to feel like the world is still in her hands.

She lives on five acres in a small town in Massachusetts. Someday, she and her husband, Chris, hope to have a red barn, grape vines, and horses. Meanwhile, she has a desk overlooking these dreams. This is where she writes.

Stephanie loves to dance, hike, feed “her birds”, read cookbooks like novels, and do at-home spas. She owns a rifle, sewing machine, and KitchenAid mixer — none of which get a lot of use because she’s too busy playing with her puppies, Hank and Loretta, and washing dishes.

Crystal Maldonado


Crystal is a writer and enthusiastic pop culture consumer. She loves reading, tweeting, watching television, and pinning things on Pinterest that she will literally never bake, try, or revisit.

She has a wonderful husband named Bill and the cutest puppy ever named Obi. When she isn’t writing, Crystal can most likely be found listening to Beyoncè; falling into the depths of the internet; or trying to become an Instagram superstar.

Find her @crystalwrote.

Bill CunninghamBill Cunningham | Positively Smitten Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Bill is a Graphic Designer and Artist. He can be found @addeddepth.

When asked if he wanted to elaborate on his bio, he said, “Nah, I’m just the pictures guy.” Instead, his wife, Crystal, will elaborate. Bill is an amazing dude who puts the people he loves first. He’s the type of person who will give you the last bite of his dessert, which is really saying something.

Previously, Bill has designed national literature, billboards, and ads (some of which you’ve likely seen!); he’s created covers for literary magazines; and he designs all of the graphics for Positively Smitten. In his spare time, he likes to cook delicious dinners, lovingly terrorize his dog, and indulge in the occasional video game. 

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