Steph’s Smitten List: Succulents, Hats, Disconnect Day

This week I’m positively smitten with:

1. Succulents: It seems like every week I write about my love for flowers and plants, and this week is no different. When my fiancé suggested we get a few “hens and chicks” for the rock area in our garden, I was all over it. Just look at how cute these little plants are! They grow really well in between steps and crevices. The best part is they’re hardy, they come back every year, and they multiply! They’re so adorable and growing in popularity, you’ve probably even seen them as party favors!


2. Hats: If it’s not plants, the other thing I can’t have too many of is hats. I buy them in every shape, color, and style. I’ll buy them even if I know I won’t wear them – that’s why I display them on pretty hat stands and hanging off my bedroom mirror. My latest find (from a NYC street fair): this gorgeous white hat, for fancier occasions.


3. Disconnect Day: It doesn’t usually happen, but this week a commercial caught my eye: the advertisement was for “Disconnect Day”. I hopped over to the website, after watching a video that made me want to spend time out with Mother Nature. The idea is to “pick your personal Disconnect Day — one day to put down your devices and reconnect with the great outdoors, your family and your friends.” It’s broken down into three easy steps, so it’s impossible not to commit. There’s definitely a place for technology and devices in our world, but I’m glad there’s an effort to not lose touch with what’s most important. I will definitely be choosing a day, maybe two, to disconnect. Will you?

What are you smitten with?

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