Steph’s Smitten List: Healthy Food, Confident Moms, Kimber Lockhart


This week I’m positively smitten with:

1. Healthy Food: I try to make healthy choices from the moment I wake until when I turn my lights out at night. This includes treating my body well with exercise, sleep, and mostly healthy food. I do allow myself to have one or two (or three) sweet things a day. I consider it a reward for being me. But sometimes I overindulge and I don’t feel so great…that’s when I dig deep for the willpower to have at least one super healthy veggie-packed meal to make it all better. I really don’t love vegetables, but I love that the earth creates such nutritious, guilt-free, and colorful nourishment.


2. Confident Moms: I just think there’s something so sweet about this mom, Rachel Hollis, who flaunted her very normal shape for the world to see, allowing the rest of us permission to feel comfortable in our own skin, just the way we are. Her Facebook post viral, and the best part is that other women joined in on the body love by proudly showing off their natural stomachs in response. The message that accompanied Rachel’s photo was extremely powerful, but turns out she’s a really inspiring woman in other ways, too. Her website, The Chic Site, is tons of fun!

Rachel Hollis

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3. Kimber Lockhart: I was flipping through an issue of SELF Magazine at my doctor’s office this week when I stumbled upon a short feature on Kimber Lockhart. I didn’t know of her, but “computer engineering” and “boss” jumped out at me. Later, a Google search would prove that this 28-year-old is already a rising star in Silicon Valley. She’s got her own Wikipedia page, where I learned that Business Insider included her on their list for 25 Most Powerful Women Engineers in Technology. As a female working with (mostly) male computer programmers, this is a woman I am excited about. I’ll certainly continue to follow her success (as VP of Engineering at One Medical Group). Here, she gives a speech on leadership.

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