Steph’s Smitten Life: Irish Coffees, Giant Cookies, Mocha Lip Color

“Smitten Life” is a monthly series – a photo diary giving you a glimpse of what we’re doing each month to create and live our own smitten lives! We hope you enjoy being inspired by these images as much as we do capturing them. Feel free to share your own smitten life photos on our Facebook!

career training

Yay for self-initiated career training!

Stuffed animals

These little guys, Gray Cat and Beary, still make me feel safe and comforted like they did when I was a kid.

Playing chef: Italian seasoning and fresh basil can transform a can of boring tomato sauce.

Playing chef: Italian seasoning and fresh basil can transform a can of boring tomato sauce. It looks way more fancy than it is.


Trying to keep a plant alive and finding its happiest environment is a rewarding challenge. Each requires a different amount of nurturing: water, sunlight, soil, and TLC.

curly hair

My hair is neither straight nor curly; it’s somewhere in the middle where I can get it to do a variety of fancy things. After a day of curls, this is the bed head I woke up with…even prettier than the original style!

PS Smitten Life Cleaning

Sometimes you just have to spend a Saturday getting organized. It’s worth it to have a clean “junk drawer”.


My sleeping beauties. My babies: Loretta and Hank.

PS Smitten Life Irish Coffee

A quick trip to the nearest “big city” is always enriching. Chris and I spent a Friday afternoon in Northampton, MA where we walked the streets hand-in-hand and got warm by a tavern fireplace while drinking Irish coffees. It was a much-needed cultural experience in the dead of winter!


There’s nothing like a new pair of sneakers! Can’t wait to get out on the pavement and use them.


I love wearing lip color – even deep pinks and reds – but I felt like I needed a break from the bold shades. My goal was to find a color that would match my gums and lips.


…I think the soft pink shade with a shiny neutral gloss is very pretty. And by playing to my natural colors it helps me embrace my “gummy smile” and small lips! I’m loving Mocha Muse and Almond Crush, both from Maybelline.


This month we reached an exciting milestone: 6 months until our wedding, which is officially in the home stretch as far as I’m concerned. A giant cookie delivered to my fiance seemed like the perfect way to share the joy!

wearing raincoat

It may be raining, but the fact that I’m able to wear my floral, light-weight rain jacket rather than my heavy winter coat is a good sign that spring is on its way!

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