5 Essentials for a Bedroom Sanctuary


5 Essentials for a Bedroom Sanctuary | Positively Smitten

When you enter your bedroom, your body, mind, and soul should know to unwind. A bedroom should be a sanctuary: a safe haven, a sacred place, a room with no worries. In other words, piles of clutter, crowded spaces, and too much stimulation are all working against achieving a relaxed state. There are also things that can be brought into the bedroom that amp up the peace and tranquility, and it doesn’t take an interior designer to figure out what those “feel good” elements are.

Last week we shared seven essentials for a beautiful, functional, and inspiring desk. Keep your paperwork and piles of to-dos on that desk and far away from the bedroom. Similarly, save the photos of your family, friends, and pets for other rooms in the house and have photos of yourself and your significant other only. If possible, the TV should stay out of the bedroom, too. Once you’ve removed anything that distracts you from feeling peace and privacy, consider the following items to bring in.

1. Shag rug: In front of your bureau or at the foot of your bed, from all available types of rugs, a small area rug creates a focal point in the room, giving the room a livable feel the way a table does in the kitchen. Even if you already have carpet in your bedroom, shag rugs are fun and add visual character and luxurious comfort.

5 Essentials for a Bedroom Sanctuary | Positively Smitten

 Safavieh Cozy Solid Dark Grey Shag Rug, Overstock, $66.99

2. Tray: Typically you think of trays being used in the kitchen for serving food to guests, but a tray to display perfumes and lotions is a beautiful and tidy way to keep similar items together on the bureau. Silver, wooden, plastic – the style is up to you!

5 Essentials for a Bedroom Sanctuary | Positively Smitten

Taymor Crystal Mirror Beveled Glass Serving Tray, Wayfair, $38.95

3. Flameless candles: A cluster of pillar candles of various sizes is very romantic. Who doesn’t love the flicker of candles by their bed? Flameless candles allow you to relax knowing the “flame” can be put out with the flip of a switch.

5 Essentials for a Bedroom Sanctuary | Positively Smitten

Loft Living Flameless Battery Operated Candles (Set Of 2), Bed, Bath & Beyond, $12.99

4. Waterfall unit: If you use your bedroom for daydreaming or meditation, consider investing in a small plug-in unit that trickles water for the soothing sound. Plus, they’re oh so pretty. You can find these at home goods stores and garden centers.

5 Essentials for a Bedroom Sanctuary | Positively Smitten

Loft Living Fountain Waterfall, Bed, Bath & Beyond, $12.99

5. Chair: Your bed is for sleeping, but if you want to ponder, read, or journal without retreating to your office desk or living room, set up a chair in the corner of your bedroom. It can be large with arms and a deep seat, it could be a short, fabric covered stool, or it could be a bean bag. As long as it’s comfortable to you for those times you want to leave your bed but not your bedroom.

5 Essentials for a Bedroom Sanctuary | Positively Smitten

Candace Arm Chair, Target, $187.49

Other ideas to complete your space: lots of small lamps around the room for ambiance, silk flowers in gorgeous vases, or a variety of throw blankets of different colors and thicknesses in a basket on the floor.

5 Essentials for a Bedroom Sanctuary | Positively Smitten


  1. Crystal Maldonado March 17, 2015 at 10:54 am

    These ideas are great! I would love a shag rug on a hardwood floor. I think it would feel so good on your feet! And now I want to go shopping. 🙂

    • I know! And not only does it feel good under your feet, but the dogs appreciate it too. They think it’s “their spot”. I’m sure Obi would love a shag rug! I got a maroon one from Walmart for a great price!

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