7 Essentials for a Beautiful, Functional, and Inspiring Desk

7 Essentials for a Beautiful, Functional, and Inspiring Desk | Positively Smitten
Your desk. It happens to be where you will spend the majority of your time, so it may as well be a beautiful, functional, and inspiring place to carry out your work. Need ideas? Here are seven ways to bring charm and personality to your desk space while not cluttering it with non-useful items.

1. small decorative wall mirror: A wall mirror that is more wall art than mirror is not only visually pleasing for a small space, but it is perfect for a quick look at yourself should you need it. Marshalls and Target have a nice selection of relatively inexpensive decorative wall mirrors.

decorative wall mirror



2. hardy indoor plant: An English Ivy plant is beautiful, easy to care for, and helps clarify the air. Put it in a cute pot and give it regular “trims” to maintain its size. There’s something about a plant that makes a desk feel like home.

Photo Source: www.organicgardening.com/

Photo Source: www.organicgardening.com/


3. beautiful inspirational quote: an inspirational quote is an absolute essential so you’re reminded every hour to keep pushing forward. Type a favorite quote in a lovely font and put it in a gorgeous picture frame. Or, browse etsy for a little beauty created by a true artist.

Photo Source: Etsy - MiaoMiaoDesign

Photo Source: Etsy – MiaoMiaoDesign

4. cork board: did you know you could easily turn a dull cork board into a beautiful focal point by covering the cork with pretty wrapping paper or fabric? So simply! Then lean it against your wall to tack on important reminders.

Photo Source: http://vilalala.com/


5. pen & pencil holders: There are a million ways to keep your writing utensils stored together: in a special mug, a clear or painted mason jar, an old tomato sauce can (perhaps covered in pretty wrapping paper). Knowing the countless options, you may consider several small jars – one for pencils, one for pens, one for markers and scissors, etc.

Photo Source: www.homedit.com/

Photo Source: www.homedit.com/

6. ring holder: if you take your rings off to apply lotion, which you may be doing multiple times a day, you’ll need a safe place to keep them for a few moments. There are too many adorable ring holders out there to not get one. Find one that suits your personality.

Photo Source: www.crownchic.com

Photo Source: www.crownchic.com

7. paper weight: a paper weight is another functional item that also makes a statement about your style and personality. You can paint a rock and call it a day, or find a beautiful glass weight.

Photo Source: Etsy - LisaEverettDesigns

Photo Source: Etsy – LisaEverettDesigns

Other ideas to complete your space: a bowl or jar of wrapped candy, a small desk lamp for creating a cozy atmosphere, a bin, box, or basket for loose papers or your immediate to-dos.

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  1. Crystal Maldonado March 9, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    Love these ideas! I have some of these in my work space, but I want to incorporate others, like transforming a simple corkboard. So cute and simple!

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