6 Ways to Wear Spring

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This winter knocked most of us off our boots and onto our butts – it’s snowing in Alabama today! But finally…finally spring is in sight, at least on the calendar if not out our windows. Go ahead and let yourself be swept away by thoughts of spring blooms, baby bunnies, and blue, running water! We are giving you full permission to dig through your closets to find your floral scarf or order yourself a lace top, all in the name of welcoming spring back into your life. Here are six essentials for incorporating spring into your look. (Just remember, the key is to not overdo it by wearing them all together.) Bye, bye, winter!

1. Pastels: on your nails or clothes

nail polish

KLEANCOLOR Sheer Pastel Nail Soft Polish Set, $9.99, www.rakuten.com

2. Cutsie things, like butterflies, birds, and pretty scenes: on scarves or blouses


Fashion Bird Pattern Printed Chiffon Blouse, $39, www.udobuy.com

3. Bright colors on the bottom half: skirt, jeans, tights, or shoes


Guatemalan Flats Colorful Textile, $40, www.etsy.com/shop/ShopKokay

4. White lace: top or dress

lace shirt

White Long Sleeve Hollow Lace T-Shirt, $19.67, www.sheinside.com

5. Floral: blouse, sweater, scarf, pants, or headband


Spring Floral Infinity Scarf, $19.99, www.etsy.com/shop/dailyaccessoriez

6. Bold prints: leggings


Bold Leaf Print Blue Microfiber Leggings, $9.99, www.dinamitjeans.com

What are some ways you “wear spring”?

6 Ways to Wear Spring | Positively Smitten


  1. Crystal Maldonado February 27, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Love this!!! I feel so much lighter and happier just looking at these pics. Spring is coming!

  2. Don’t you feel lighter? I need a blouse with birds on it asap!! Thanks for the nice comment.

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