6 Considerations Before Making a Major Life Change

6 Considerations Before Making a Major Life Change

6 Considerations Before Making a Major Life Change | Positively Smitten

Do you ever get stuck in a rut and wonder why you put yourself through [fill in the blank]? It could be your job, your relationship, or another aspect of life in which you acknowledge that you do have some control, so maybe it’s time to move on. Maybe over time you’ve noticed a gradual feeling of “there’s gotta be something more for me than this?”

It’s common to yearn for something more, something better, and to daydream about what could be. Hey, I’m all about reaching for the stars and following your dreams and heart. But before you quit, pack your bags, say goodbye, slam the door, catch a train, and leave your current situation behind in any way, read this list to make sure you understand some basic realities of life. Understanding these six things could help you see clearly and avoid leaving for the wrong reasons and setting yourself up for disappointment.

1. The grass is always going to seem greener on the other side. You know you can’t buy into that because once you’ve gone to “the other side”, the grass will seem greener somewhere else. The moral is stop comparing yourself to others. Chances are they’re comparing themselves to you. I bet you that someone, somewhere wants to be you right now, just the way your life is going.

2. Some bosses will micromanage and control and some coworkers will always be rotten. If you’re leaving a job because of this, do you think it’s possible that the next job might also have a control freak manager and mean employees? Likewise, friends, in-laws, and neighbors can all have bad days and bad traits. You can’t run and hide from them all.

3. Some people just won’t like you. You know you can’t please everybody, and if you did that would mean you’re probably not being true to yourself. If you’re not feeling the love from a particular aspect of your life – you can consider a change-up, but forge ahead making sure you focus on loving yourself. If you do, then other people’s opinions of you won’t carry as much weight. (If you’re not feeling the love in your romantic life, move on.)

4. Some days are simply boring. One day your life seems glamorous, the next day you feel unfulfilled. That’s the point of life. It ebbs and flows. And chances are it’s not your boyfriend’s fault that you’re bored. Likewise, your boss won’t know you’re seeking more excitement or responsibility if you don’t tell her. So don’t be so quick to blame other people or certain things for feelings of stagnation. Make sure you understand exactly what specific adventure you are seeking.

5. You will have to put more in than the world will be willing to give back. Yes, this means some days you’re the bug on the windshield. But even if you escaped the windshield, you’re still going to feel overworked, overtired, and underappreciated. But if you change your attitude, you’ll realize life in fact is giving you a heck of a lot more than is even in your control. Sometimes an attitude shift makes all the difference.

6. No one person, place, or thing can make you completely happy. Not even a combination of people, places, or things can do that. Celebrities prove this all the time. On the outside they look like they have the whole package, but most admit that the money, fame, entourage, etc. does not keep them warm at night. In fact, sometimes being on top is a lonely place.

While we can create our lives, we must not create them in an imaginary world. Be true to yourself, which means being honest. If you’re instinct is to set sail for new horizons, you’re probably right. But be sure to use your good judgement so you don’t get caught up in a fictional fairyland in which you set yourself up for disappointment.


  1. Crystal Maldonado February 18, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    These are fantastic tips! I especially love #4 and #6. I think it can be really hard to accept some days are boring, and that we won’t be happy 100% of the time, especially with social media. We’re always seeing the best of everyone else’s lives, so they look completely fun and glamorous! Great article, Steph!

    • Thanks! Isn’t it the truth? We always see the best of everyone else’s lives, particularly because of social media. I know you’ve written about that before. It’s such an interesting thing to realize that everyone tends to put their best selves out there on social media. Then we feel bad about ourselves based on what we see. We need to accept that some days are just boring and our lives can’t be glamorous 24/7.

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