Steph’s Smitten List: #IAmComfortableBecause, Literary Scarves, Fall Hikes


This week, I’m positively smitten with:

1. #IAmComfortableBecause: This campaign asks, if you could change one thing about your body, what would it be? The adults seem to have an easy time coming up with multiple imperfections they would do away with, while the children have a different take on the question altogether. This is a powerful video of the campaign that’s helping prove that being comfortable in your own skin is really all that matters. How would you answer the questions?

2. Literary Scarves: I love wearing scarves, and I adore Anne of Green Gables, that’s why I’m so fortunate to have a great friend (ahem, Crystal) who knows this and got me a scarf with the words from my favorite novel! I couldn’t be more excited about a single garment had I created it for myself! Perfect for a writer and book lover like me!


3. Fall Hikes: The leaves crunching underneath your shoes, the crisp air that keeps the sweat away, and of course, the amazing foliage – these are the reasons hiking in the fall is my favorite physical activity all year round. If you haven’t yet, grab your boots and a vest and get out there for a hike!

hiking path

What are you positively smitten with?


  1. I love that scarf! Thanks for introducing me to that shop!

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