Crystal’s Smitten List: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, The Kids Are Alright, Jessica Williams

This week, I’m positively smitten with…

1. Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Following the news from the Supreme Court that religious freedom was more important than women’s rights, many were angry — myself included. But one beacon of hope emerged from the otherwise very dismal, very dark ruling: Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The 81-year-old Supreme Court justice — who was the second female ever, and first-ever Jewish female to serve on SCOTUS — penned an eloquent rebuttal to the decision. Her response was even turned into a song. Ginsberg is wonderful for so many reasons, but in this instance in particular, it felt comforting that at least one person was on our side.

Photo credit MSNBC

Photo credit MSNBC

2. The Kids Are Alright: No, not that film starring Julianne Moore and Annette Benning, but the sixth edition of the Motherworld comic by Mike Bautista. Called “The Kids Are Alright,” this is a one-page, vibrant comic about how this generation is not, in fact, dooming civilization as we know it. As someone who’s more than a little tired of the barrage of negative comments about millennials, the message really resonated with me.

Photo credit MilkBarista on Tumblr.

Photo credit MilkBarista on Tumblr.

3. Jessica Williams: I’m a huge fan of “The Daily Show,” and by far my favorite correspondent is Jessica Williams. She’s a young actress and writer and I love every single skit she’s in. The girl can do no wrong. Williams — who’s smart, witty, and funny — is an inspiration to young women everywhere; she’s only 24 and she seems to have it all figured out! Below, fellow “Daily Show” correspondent Jason Jones interviews her and it’s hilarious.

What are you positively smitten with this week?


  1. I love these things! I am also smitten with them. I’m smitten with sonic shakes and etsy this week.

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