The Culinary Corner: Simple Frozen Coffee Recipe

The Culinary Corner: Simple Frozen Coffee Recipe | Positively Smitten

The Culinary Corner: Simple Frozen Coffee Recipe | Positively Smitten

By Lyndsey Fought

Simple Frozen Coffee


  • A blender
  • 1-2 ice cup trays
  • Strongly brewed coffee, dark or espresso roast is best.
  • Vanilla soymilk
  • Additional flavorings*
  • Whipped cream


  1. Brew your coffee, pour into ice cube trays. Freeze.
  2. Put 8-12 ice cubes (per serving) into the blender, add one to one-and-half cups of soymilk (per serving) into the blender and blend, adding more milk as needed.
  3. You may add additional flavorings and blitz again.
  4. Pour into tall glasses and top with whipped cream.

*Additional flavorings are practically anything you want them to be. I like adding peanut butter, or chocolate sauce. Caramel is, of course, always good. And for a nice twist, raspberries are awesome with a really strong brew. If you like something tangy, try replacing half the soymilk with Greek vanilla yogurt.

Stir in a shot or two of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, or Amaretto for an afternoon treat (or a morning treat, no judgment zone!).

If you’re a coffee lover, freeze straight espresso and blend that!

The Culinary Corner is a weekend column that includes a simple recipe, a few tips, or admiration for a kitchen gadget.

Photo credit Comedy_Nose on Flickr. 

About Lyndsey:

I have too many interests and I get easily distracted, so I haven’t completed a single thing in my life. Yay, hyperboles! I have been to culinary school and I like baking cupcakes. I write the beginnings of too many novels. I am driven by ambition and delayed by perfectionism.

I would like to travel the world, learn from others, write some best sellers, and have a restaurant or bakery someday. I am a Slytherin. I like the tenth Doctor best (followed by ninth). I am too obsessed with Downton Abbey and the whole etiquette of that era. I never forget to be awesome!

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