Crystal’s Smitten List: Shopping, White Wine Sangrias, Art by Katie Daisy

This week, I’m positively smitten with…

1. Shopping: I love to shop. I really, really love it. It helps relax me, it keeps me busy, and ohmygosh I love getting new things. I shop when I’m stressed and I shop when I’m happy and I shop when I’m bored and I shop when I’m sad. I guess I kind of shop when I’m experiencing any type of feeling, ever. My favorite places to spend my money are Old Navy, Forever 21, Fashion to Figure, Modcloth, Target, Charming Charlie, and e.l.f. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite stores so that they can quickly become mine, too!


2. White wine sangria: I love a good sangria! Most people tend to enjoy red wine sangrias, but I’m a sucker for white wine sangria. My go-to recipe is nothing fancy (and, in fact, is something I stumbled across on the internet) but it definitely does the trick.

White wine sangria

3. Art by Katie Daisy: I love looking at creations on Etsy — sometimes for inspiration, sometimes to buy something new, and always because I love seeing different types of art. Most recently, I’ve fallen head over heels with artist Katie Daisy’s shop, The Wheatfield. Here are a few of my favorite pieces: She’s a WildflowerElephant; Sky; and Let Go.


Art by Katie Daisy on Etsy.

What are you positively smitten with this week?


  1. is it Cracow on the first picture?

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