What Are You Positively Smitten With This Week?

What Are You Positively Smitten With This Week?


I’m positively smitten with my grandma. She is my rock, my inspiration; she loves me even in my darkest hours and taught me most of what I know about loving others. At 27, I still do sleepovers with her, and cooking lessons and gardening and visiting over coffee or wine. This world is a better place because of her presence, and I’m a better person simply because of her.


I’m positively smitten with the thrill of new beginnings. Soon, I’ll be moving to a new apartment in a new town and I can’t wait! While of course I’ll miss those I’m living with now, a new location feels like a fresh start, which is always exhilarating.


  1. i’m positively smitten about my new candle and gift basket company, & my grandkids

  2. I’m positively smitten with being thankful. There is great peace and joy in being thankful in all circumstances! Then I have the opportunity to be positively smitten with many things. lol 🙂

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