What Are You Positively Smitten With This Week?



I’m positively smitten with Lyndsey! Last week, she sent me an amazing care package full of goodies like chocolate truffles and writing supplies (my favorite!). It totally brightened my day and my entire week. Plus, she gave me an assortment of teas to try, which is extra sweet because one of my (totally silly) goals this year was to try at least 15 different types of tea. She’s the best!


I’m positively smitten with work clothes! I know it sounds funny, but I always wanted a job that I could get dressed up for, and now that I have one I enjoy the process of putting fun yet professional outfits together. Colorful blazers, belted dresses, patterned scarves, heels, jewelry… it all gets me up in the morning and excited to stroll into work!


  1. Sounds lovely!
    I’m positively smitten with a Dutch children’s series called “Alfred J. Kwak”. Racial equality is worth fighting for, even between cute cartoon animals!

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