Advice from Amy: Looking Out

Advice from Amy: Looking Out | Positively Smitten Image Source:
Advice from Amy: Looking Out | Positively Smitten

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By Amy K. Andrews

As you are reading this, dear fans of Positively Smitten, I am welcoming the famous singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile into our home. I suspect that she is casual, looking like the girl next door with a smile as wide as her heart. As she hugs us, there is only gratitude, and not a trace of exhaustion from the six-hour flight she just endured. Back in Seattle from Nashville, she makes herself comfortable in our home the way that our oldest friends do; it is the same way that only those who make their living on the road know how to make themselves comfortable. Her stylish wife will undoubtedly be by her side, bringing more sincerity and sweetness to the already special scene. She will listen to Brandi intently as she talks, and to our guests in much the same fashion.

They are here, along with Phil and Tim Hanseroth (or The Twins), to raise money for Brandi’s 501(c)(3) charity, the Looking Out Foundation. These thoughtful and generous souls, on any given random evening such as this, can be found giving back. They donate their time, and their talents, to helping those in need. In fact, they donate $1 from every ticket they sell, to LOF. Yes, you read that correctly. They walk their talk.

My wife and I share their desire for helping others. In fact, we believe it is our fortunate obligation. As a poor college student, I used to stand on the street corners in Boston asking strangers for money to fund my participation in the Northeast AidsRide. My wife has continually, throughout her career, given money and clothing to the battered women’s shelter, helping those who are trying to get back on sure footing.

When we had the good fortune of meeting and becoming friends with Brandi and her wife Catherine, we were able to easily collaborate and come up with a plan to raise more money and awareness for LOF by hosting this Saturday night fundraiser. Brandi, accompanied by The Twins, who are both as steady and smooth as their voices, will jam and sing and strum, surrounded by our dearest friends.

But, the true icing on the cake is that all of the money raised will go directly to helping those in need.

Join me, and Positively Philanthropic, in supporting this great cause. Any amount, small or large, will be immensely helpful.

About Amy:

Amy is a woman of wellness, a writer, and the winner of Seattle’s Ultimate Housewife contest. As a liberated Texan, she has lived on both coasts, and on the high streets of London. Most days you can find her teaching Pilates to her beloved clients, editing her memoir, An Expat’s Wife, swiffering her home, or writing thank-you notes. At this very moment she is undoubtedly cuddling with her wife and cat.

Learn more about Amy here, or follow her on Tumblr or Twitter.


  1. After reading this, I YouTubed a couple of Brandi’s songs. She is an amazing singer-songwriter with such a unique quality to her voice. I’m definitely a fan of both her talent and her philanthropic lifestyle. Thanks, Amy, for the introduction to yet another positively smitten young woman.

  2. I’m going to have to look her up. She has such a happy smile.

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