Announcing the Launch of Positively Philanthropic!


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Positively Smitten’s charitable initiative, Positively Philanthropic. Every few months, Positively Smitten will choose a charity or cause to support. Every selected Positively Philanthropic cause will be chosen based on how well it syncs with the magazine’s mission through its efforts, outreach and work.

Our first selected charity is an incredibly worthy one: Looking Out Foundation, founded by singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile in 2008. Our staff writer, Amy Andrews (you know her from her weekly “Advice from Amy” column), first introduced us to this wonderful organization. The foundation’s mission is “to support, through music, humanitarian outreach efforts in local communities and beyond.” You can read more about the Looking Out Foundation and Positively Philanthropic here. Please consider donating to the Looking Out Foundation in order to aid them in their efforts to support the arts, women, public health, the hungry, the homeless and the chronically underserved — NO amount is too small.

If you know of a charity that you believe would fit well with Positively Philanthropic, please email

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