What Are You Positively Smitten With This Week?



I’m positively smitten with dancing! I discovered a dusty Zumba DVD the other day and can’t get enough of the music, moves and the way I feel during and after!


This week, I’m positively smitten with taking care of myself. I’ve been really tired and run-down because I’m trying to take on too much, and last weekend, when I’d planned to have a “me” day, I opted out to so I could get some work done. But now I’m making my own sanity a priority, with this declaration the thing holding me accountable. Dear self: relax!


I’m positively smitten with the strength that comes from vulnerability. I’m not talking about the nauseous feeling you get before you decide to reveal your true self/thoughts, but rather the sense of calm that washes over you after realizing as scary as it was, you ultimately made the decision to honor who you really are.

What are you positively smitten with this week? Chime in below; we want to hear from you! There’s no right or wrong answer.


  1. I am Positively Smitten with Super Dry Monster, having a period, and having a great husband.

  2. I’m positively smitten by the cherry blossoms that are starting to bloom!

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