What Are You Positively Smitten With This Week?



This week, I’m positively smitten with my family, all of whom have been tremendously supportive in my latest endeavor. They’ve been promoting the heck out of the magazine and telling me how proud they are; it makes me feel truly lucky. I’m also positively smitten with chocolate this week, for obvious reasons. Yum!


I am positively smitten with my family and friends who have supported me through all my big life decisions, including most recently my decision to move to another state to start a new chapter.


I’m currently smitten with going to bed by 9PM like the Grandma I am.


Your turn! What are you positively smitten with this week? 3…2…1…GO!


  1. CRACKING up at what you’re smitten with this week. Me too!!! 9 o’clock bedtime is where it’s at.

  2. I’m positively smitten with marshmallow peeps!

  3. Sleep. Sadly it is not smitten with me this week. However, Super Dry Monster is!

    • What makes it “Super Dry”? I’m so curious. Is this a brand of Monster, the energy drinks?

  4. I’m postively smitten with Adrienne Rich’s poetry! Thanks for not being a bore, Intro to Lit class!

  5. Roberta Monette March 6, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    I am positively smitten with the fact that I was granted professional time off from work to attend a National Art Education Conference in one of my favorite places: Fort Worth, Texas! And my hubby/body guard is along for the ride!

  6. Yay!!! I’m smitten for you…what an exciting trip. Have FUNNN 🙂

  7. I’m positively smitten with coffee. I’m positively smitten with coffee every week, all day, all night. (Americanos with whipped cream. YES.)

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